Old Testament Lesson 13 – Gospel Doctrine

This video went WAY long.


I try to make these brief.

Old Testament Lesson 13

The original idea was to make them so short that IF you didn’t have a chance to prepare, you could watch this and get ready for class.

Maybe I’ll start doing 2 versions.

Version 1 is the longer version with more details.

Version 2 is the short version that is less than 10 minutes.

What do you think?

Well, here is Old Testament Lesson 13 – Gospel Doctrine.


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Old Testament Lesson 12 – Gospel Doctrine

Old Testament Lesson 12

I’m starting to get long winded. When the idea came into my mind, it was to share quick ideas, tips and tricks that I used when teaching gospel doctrine classes on Sunday. Now, even though I skip over a ton of material, these videos are nearing 30 minutes long. I’m not sure if that’s the best thing. Here is the latest episode – talking about Genesis 40-45. Really, you should go over Gensis 40-50 because the next lesson is Exodus 1-14. I honestly don’t know how you can cover what God wants you to know in those 14 chapters in 45 minutes. Anyway, watch this and let me know your thoughts.


Here are links to prior lessons:

Old Testament Lesson 8

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Old Testament Lesson 11

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Old Testament Lesson 11 – Gospel Doctrine

Welcome back.

Today we go over Genesis 37 – or Old Testament Lesson 11 in the Gospel Doctrine Class.

I hope that this is helpful to those who need help teaching their gospel doctrine class.

We can’t go over all of the details, but this is at least something to review.

Please let me know your thoughts.

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Old Testament Lesson 10 – Gospel Doctrine

Old Testament Lesson 10 - Gospel Doctrine

Old Testament Lesson 10 – Gospel Doctrine

This is the next installment of the Old Testament Lesson #10 of the gospel doctrine helps class.

In this episode, we talk about Genesis 24 and how Isaac and Rebekah got together. It’s a great read. Take the time to read it.

Let me know in the comments section if you have any suggestions or questions.

Thanks for watching.

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Old Testament Lesson 9 – Gospel Doctrine

The story of Abraham & Isaac is one that probably everyone knows.

It is important because it teaches us that all of us must go through trials and challenges.

In this video, I attempt to add some insight to this story.

I hope you find it beneficial.

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Old Testament Lesson 8 – Gospel Doctrine

I’ve done another video about Abraham – lesson #8 of the Old Testament. I didn’t go into much of the details of the underlying content of this lesson. Instead, I tried to focus on providing additional quotes and insights from a different angle so perhaps you can include things different than you might find elsewhere. I hope this helps you with your gospel doctrine class.

Leave me a comment or question or other area if you want me to do a video about a certain topic of if you need help finding a specific reference or quote. Good luck in your class.

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Source: http://jeremyevelandmba.blogspot.com/2018/02/old-testament-lesson-8-gospel-doctrine.html

Old Testament Lesson #7 – Gospel Doctrine Helps

I posted this video on youtube on February 17, 2018 and I forgot to post it here on my blog. Here you go:

I hope if you haven’t done lesson #7 yet of the Old Testament that this will give you some insights and useful information.

source http://jeremyeveland.com/old-testament-lesson-7-gospel-doctrine-helps/
Source: http://jeremyevelandmba.blogspot.com/2018/02/old-testament-lesson-7-gospel-doctrine.html